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Protecting the HMS Protector

Roxtec TB seals secure the naval ship.

Protecting the HMS Protector

Kvasir Group used Roxtec TB (tank boundary) seals during the installation of an Ice Load Monitoring System onboard the UK Royal Navy's only icebreaker, HMS Protector, in UK Docks Teesside in Middlesborough. It was the only sealing solution that was certified to meet the high customer requirements for water-tightness and gas-tightness in the application.

UK Docks Marine Services North has been providing long-term support for the naval ship since April 2019. The HMS Protector has the demanding job of serving the UK’s interests in Antarctica. UK Docks appointed Kvasir Group to conduct modifications and upgrades with works being undertaken in UK Docks Teesside.

“We needed to pass single and multiple sensor cables through penetrations in tank boundary walls,” says Jeff Clark, Operations Director at Kvasir Group. “Roxtec helped us with seals and sleeves especially suited and certified for tank boundaries, and also by creating bespoke cores for the seals.”

Kvasir Group has a long-standing close relationship with cable sealing specialist Roxtec. As this was an installation of new equipment and also a new technical requirement, Kvasir Group approached its long-term partner to discuss the challenge. Roxtec UK responded quickly, and the technical and commercial support team at the Roxtec headquarters in Sweden was able to present a solution.

”Roxtec helped us with seals and sleeves especially suited and certified for tank boundaries.”
Jeff Clark, Kvasir Group

Post retrofit quality assurance

Roxtec TB seals with Roxtec SL TB sleeves, supplied together as a kit solution, were chosen by Kvasir Group, mainly because the solution was certified for the application and the sealing requirements. The seals were used for one opening with a single sensor cable, two openings with two sensor cables in each and one opening with six sensor cables. All cables had an outer diameter of 9.6mm. Roxtec representatives performed visual inspections after the cable seal installation work to ensure quality and safety, and supporting information was shared with classification society DNV.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified for high-pressure applications
  • Certified for use in tank boundaries
  • Sealing solutions for retrofit and upgrades
  • Service and support for customized solutions
  • Quality inspection after cable seal installation

Project facts

Project description

Installation of Ice Load Monitoring System onboard naval support ship in Middlesborough, UK

Involved companies

UK Royal Navy – owner
Kvasir - contractor
UK Docks Marine Services North - contractor


Sealing of sensor cable penetrations in tank boundaries onboard naval ship

Sealing requirements

Certified for high-pressure applications
Certified for the application

Roxtec products

Roxtec TB (tank boundary) kits, including seals, sleeves and customized cores