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Sealing solutions for scalable data centers

Sealing solutions for scalable data centers

IT service company Tieto transforms a former military installation in a Swedish rock cave into a cutting-edge data center. To enable expansion for new customers and additional equipment, Tieto uses Roxtec cable and pipe seals.

The seals protect the data center against multiple risks such as fire and flooding, and keep the compartmentalized security zones gas-tight for efficient cooling. But there is more to nonstop operation than maintaining integrity. The flexible sealing solutions provide spare capacity for repeated upgrades without risking business continuity.

"Since we develop a completely scalable system, it is beneficial for us to use Roxtec seals. They make it easy to upgrade with new cables during operation," says project manager Bengt Asplund of Tieto.

Quick and adaptable

The seals are openable to make it easy to add cables without disconnecting computers. Tieto representatives like Multidiameter™, the solution for adaptability to cables and pipes of different sizes based on removable layers:

"It is practical to have one selected solution that keeps you prepared for any dimension or make of cable or pipe."

Fortress of flexibility

The underground facility is like an impregnable fortress. It is completely closed with layers of inner walls protecting against fire, gas and water. The power supply is, however, prepared for maximum output – and for feeding additional equipment. Fortunately, the Roxtec seals function as a magic key for further expansion.

We use Roxtec wherever we need first class protection.
Jan Jansson, Tieto

Why use Roxtec?

  • High safety demands
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Built-in spare capacity
  • Flexible for upgrades
  • Multidiameter™ by Roxtec

Project facts

Project description

Construction of scalable data center in Stockholm, Sweden



Design, engineering, construction, installation

Tieto, Pefo Bygg and Enaco

Cave design and security



Sealing of foundation cable and pipe inlets and cable and pipe penetrations between rooms and floors

Sealing requirements

Fire-proof according to EI 120 D, watertight and prepared for EMP (electromagnetic pulse)