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Sealing solutions for the tightest lab in Japan

Maintaining air-tightness.

Sealing solutions for the tightest lab in Japan

The Takenaka testing facilities for containment technology in Inzai-City are air-tight and gas-tight thanks to Roxtec seals.

"Roxtec seals are indispensable for air-tightness. And air-tightness is a must if you work with infectious viruses such as ebola," says Hayato Yamamoto, mechanical and electrical engineer of the engineering department of Takenaka Corporation.

Highest safety level

Takenaka has designed and built the containment testing facilities to show their customers within regenerative medicine, bio-medicine and infectious disease prevention how to achieve the ultimate safety level. Cable and pipe penetrations sealed with caulking materials have been the primary cause for water leaking into and particles escaping from bio-clean and containment rooms, so Takenaka focused on finding a certified solution to propose for this challenge.

Takenaka is researching and developing within advanced control technology of room pressure and airflow. By using Roxtec seals, they are able to experiment in various air-tightness levels. Roxtec transits are easy to adapt for efficient sealing around cables and pipes of different sizes in panel walls, panel ceilings and decontamination shower booths. The transits also enable design changes and additional cables, pipes and equipment.

Roxtec seals are the powerful solution to ensure air-tightness.
Hayato Yamamoto, Takenaka Corporation

Why use Roxtec?

  • Air-tight and gas pressure resistant
  • Fumigation resistant
  • Easy to install, inspect and maintain
  • Uniform construction quality
  • Openable for engineering changes
  • Spare capacity for retrofit and upgrades

Download the pdf version of the Takenaka case.

Project facts

Project description

Construction of a first class bio-safety containment testing lab at the Takenaka Research & Development Institute in Inzai-City, Chiba, Japan

Owner, design and construction

Takenaka Corporation


Cables, pipes and pitot tubes penetrating panel walls, panel ceilings and the decontamination shower booth

Sealing requirements

Air-tight, fumigation resistant and uniform construction quality