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Sealing solutions for maximum efficiency

Sealing solutions for maximum efficiency

When investing in Canadian oil sands, global oil companies must deal with safety issues and the expensive field labor in the booming Fort McMurray area.

Saving time in the field

Norwegian Statoil chose the right solution at the right time and place. Roxtec seals were quickly installed around multiple cables to protect crucial equipment. Roxtec seals are used to secure power cables going up through the floor into the motor control centers, as well as in control cabinets and junction boxes.

Instead of drilling 50-70 individual holes in each MCC on site, we were able to seal all cables in a few openings.
Kolja de Regt, Senior Electrical Engineer of KDR Consulting Ltd

Reasons for choosing Roxtec

  • High demands for fire protection
  • Very quick and easy to install
  • Area efficient cable management
  • Practical built-in spare capacity
  • Flexible for changes and upgrades
  • Multidiameter™ by Roxtec – adapts to cables of different sizes through sealing modules with removable layers

Project facts

Project description

Construction of onshore oil sands production unit for extraction of heavy crude oil



Design and engineering

KDR Consulting Ltd (owner representative for the Statoil Leismer project)

Engineering, procurement and construction support


Construction manager

IMV Construction Management

Electrical installations

Integral Energy Services


Cable entries in motor control centers (MCC), control cabinets and junction boxes


Gas-tight, dust-tight, fire-proof, watertight, explosion-proof