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Cable transits for LNG plants

Cable transits for LNG plants

The Snøhvit LNG plant in Norway, built and operated by Statoil, is a unique natural gas project with many new technical solutions and standards. Roxtec is used frequently in the plant as a problem-solver for cable sealing.

The plant is built as a self-sufficient production facility and a multitude of cables and openings are found in every system. This means several challenges for the electrical engineering and the planning of the work with electrical installations. One challenge was to standardize with a flexible cable sealing solution, another to handle alterations occurring in electrical installations during the build time, and in minimizing logistics of electrical components.

Need for competent seals

The needs and requirements include protection against leakage from gas, water, dust and fire in openings where cables pass. One of the many reasons for choosing Roxtec is that it not only protects against theses hazards, but also provides a whole range of valuable benefits during installation and following alterations. The Roxtec technology ensures precision and enables flexibility – cables can be added and changed during construction.

Unique flexibility

Roxtec transits provide a simple and efficient sealing standard for the entire plant. They are used to seal anything from one cable in one opening, to several hundreds of cables in larger openings. Roxtec seals are used in the power supply from the gas turbines in the area for converters and transformers. They are also used in the power distribution with substations, in the process unit in the compressor rooms and in fire and gas junction boxes.

When we add new cables, we need to know that the seals fit.
Svein Andersson, Aker Kvaerner

Why use Roxtec?

  • Easy to install and flexible for changes
  • Simple standard for the entire plant
  • Built-in spare capacity for future needs
  • Support during planning and building
  • Pre-delivery tests of customized solutions

Projects facts

Project description

Construction of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) plant in Hammerfest, Norway

Involved companies

Statoil ASA and Aker Engineering, Norway


Cable sealing between external environments and inside areas and in between production areas, through floors and walls, into rooms, cabinets and to process equipment

Sealing requirements

Watertight, gas-tight and dust-proof, including IP 66/67