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Seals for the new generation railway

Seals for the new generation railway

Roxtec supplies seals for the S70 platform, which is a Light Rail Vehicle model from Siemens Transportation Systems.

Each set consists of several cars. The central cable routing is located on the roof-top for which Roxtec is supplying the seals.

Standardizing with Roxtec

The initial customer was the City of Houston, ordering 18 cars. Additionally, the City of San Diego ordered 11 cars. Roxtec is specified as a standard for any future building of the platform.

Why Roxtec?

  • A superior watertight seal as well as a bend restrictor
  • Allows flexibility in the length of the cable
  • Allows pre-terminated cables

Project facts

Project description

Manufacturing of Light Rail Vehicle model in the USA


City of Houston and City of San Diego


Siemens in Sacramento

Builder and installer

Siemens Transportation Systems Inc.


Sealing of cables on roof-top


Watertight, cable bend restriction, flexible cable length and pre-terminated cables