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Securing signaling in Shanghai

Securing signaling in Shanghai

Roxtec is serving the development of a green energy rail infrastructure in Shanghai, China. The seals prevent rainwater from damaging the signal system of the Songjiang tramlines T1 and T2.

Efficient public transportation is the solution to increasing traffic congestion. As the industry enters a stage of large-scale development, urban rail transit companies are looking for safe, sustainable and economical solutions. Thales SEC Transportation System specified Roxtec seals for the outdoor signal cabinets to ensure electrical safety for the officially piloted demo tramlines.

Solving the problem

Shanghai's combination of abundant sunshine and heavy rains throughout the year means temperature changes and humidity. Damp air can cause condensation inside cabinets and on the surface of equipment resulting in short circuit, malfunction and corrosion. By replacing traditional sealing compounds with Roxtec EzEntry™ seals, the rail developers were able to avoid humidity and risk, and also solve the problem with disordered and untidy cable routing.

Manage high cable density

Roxtec seals contribute to secure stable operations and are used in more than 100 cabinets, each one with up to 70 signal and communication cables entering via the bottom. Roxtec seals are ideal for complex systems, since they save space and simplify maintenance and upgrades.

Prepared for the future

Considering the planning for seven tramlines with stations and extension lines, the engineers desired a flexible solution with long-term expansion capability.
"We reserve 50 percent of the spare space for future development. Roxtec seals can be opened repeatedly, and provide possibilities for adding cables," says Mr. Gao Wen, onsite installation engineer of China CREC Railway Electrification Bureau Songjiang tram line project.

Roxtec really helps a lot. Not only the quality of the product, but also the service and support.
Mr. Gao Wen, China CREC Railway Electrification Bureau

Why use Roxtec?

  • Multidiameter™ – adapts to cables of different sizes through removable layers
  • Certified electrical protection
  • One standard solution for multiple sealing requirements
  • Time-savings within design, installation and maintenance
  • Built-in spare capacity for future expansion
  • Technical service and free, online design tool

Project facts

Project description

Development of tramlines in Shanghai, China

Involved companies

Shanghai Keolis Public Transport Operation Management Co. – owner, Shanghai Urban Construction Design & Research Institute – designer, Thales SEC Transportation System Limited Company – contractor, China CREC Railway Electrification Bureau (Group) Co., Ltd. – installer


Cable entries into outdoor signal cabinets

Sealing requirements

Water-proof, Humidity-proof, Anti-condensation, Fire-proof, Rodent barrier