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Protecting Shanghai Metro against fire and humidity

Roxtec sealing solutions ensure safe operations and reduce operating costs over the life of the assets.

Protecting Shanghai Metro against fire and humidity

Passenger flow in the metro system in Shanghai, China, is dense and fire safety is a primary concern. Operational reliability is crucial because a failure in power supply or signal systems can cause a major disaster. Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd. chose Roxtec seals for the extension of line 5 and the new-build of line 18 in order to secure the power, communications and signal systems.

Proven experience in fire protection

Roxtec seals provide two-hour fire protection in rail projects around the world. The company's extensive knowledge within testing and certification was beneficial when sealing the cable entries into the equipment room and signal room in Shanghai Metro.

Efficient against water intrusion

The overall environment of metro stations and tunnels is humid. Equipment components are extremely vulnerable to failure when exposed to humidity.
In addition, leakage of ground water through cable penetrations over extended periods of time can submerge junction box cables in water making them susceptible to aging and short circuits. This hidden danger is difficult to discover during onsite inspections so the designers of this project had to make sure the structure was waterproof at an early stage.

Making upgrades easy

The characteristics of the metro – on time, comfort and safety – require that all components support the daily maintenance of the infrastructure. Roxtec is an intelligent solution. The system can be reopened and offers 30 percent spare capacity for additional cables. There is no need for cutting off connectors from pre-terminated cables. Roxtec enables smooth upgrades within power supply, signal, communications, lighting, fire and monitoring systems.

Why Roxtec?

  • Certified protection against multiple risks
  • Built-in spare capacity for future upgrades
  • Roxtec Transit Designer™ ensures safe and efficient cable management
  • Technical design support and installation training onsite
  • Global project experience

Project facts

Project description

New-build and extension of metro lines in Shanghai, China

Involved companies

Shanghai Metro Line 18 Development Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Shentong Metro Co., Ltd. – owners,
China Railway Shanghai Design Institute Group – designers,
Shanghai Tunnel Engineering Co., Ltd., and China Railway Signal & Communication, Shanghai Engineering Bureau Group Co., Ltd Jinan Branch – contractors


Sealing of power, communication and signal cables from 12 to 40 mm entering equipment and signal rooms

Sealing requirements

Fire-proof, Watertight, Gas-tight, Smoke-tight, Dust-tight, Cable retention, Rodent barrier