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Flexibility for naval supply ships

Flexibility for naval supply ships

Roxtec seals for cables, metal pipes and plastic pipes were beneficial in the retrofit of the Danish military support ships in the Absalon class.

Saving time and money

Significant savings were achieved thanks to the flexible modular-based seals. They can be opened, resealed, and are easy to adapt to cables of different sizes. Unused modules in a Roxtec seal still serve as spare capacity. This built-in feature also saves time and money for the naval bases and the Royal Danish Navy. There are 2,400 openings for cables and 1,200 openings for pipes onboard, and the cables and pipes to the equipment are routed through EMC zones and hazardous areas. 

Reasons for choosing Roxtec

  • Adaptable and reusable sealing modules with Multidiameter™, the Roxtec solution based on modules with removable layers, that save up to 70,000 euros per ship
  • Future included capacity for retrofit additions
  • Significant time-savings of up to 1 hour per individual installation
  • Local support
  • Certified protection: fire protection A-60, water pressure 4 bar, ABC warfare

Project facts

Project description

Retrofit of naval support ships


Odense Steel Shipyard Ltd, Denmark

Retrofit yards

Korsoer Naval Base, Denmark, and Frederikshavn Naval Base, Denmark

Equipment specification

Danish Naval Material Command (SMK), Denmark


In new-build phase and retrofit: sealing of 2,400 openings for cables and 1,200 openings for metal pipes and plastic pipes against hazards from water and fire, including EMC sealing and ABC warfare sealing.