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Safety and simplicity with Roxtec in the process industry

Safety and simplicity with Roxtec in the process industry

The Nanhai petrochemical project is described as the largest Chinese foreign joint-venture ever. Roxtec representatives from around the world provided help and support to the different contractors and designers throughout the project in order to simplify safety and quality work.

Safe seals throughout the plant

The plant is self-sufficient on electrical power with ten substations situated in the petrochem process areas. Roxtec seals are used in everything from the concrete walls to the cabinets. Roxtec seals are also used to seal cables entering into the inside of the process control room area. Among the demands here is protection against the risk of explosion. The combination of protection against fire, explosion, water and rodents qualified the Roxtec sealing solutions to be used wherever cables and pipes are routed from one area to the next.

Project facts

Project desctiption

Petrochemical process industry


Shell Nanhai BV, CNOOC and Petrochemicals Investment Limited (CSPCL)

Engineering and main contractor

BSF – Bechtel, SINOPEC Engineering/TenthConstruction Company, Foster Wheeler Energy, Technimont, Italy and JGC, Japan

Sealing requirements

Fire protection, water-tightness, explosion-proof