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Cable seals for a sustainable society

Cable seals for a sustainable society

The wastewater treatment plant of Dresden-Kaditz is growing and the Stadtentwässerung Dresden is maximizing its environmental efforts. Roxtec cable entry seals protect the equipment against high ground water and aggressive gas.

Design and engineering firm PROWA Ingenieure Dresden specified Roxtec seals for an expansion project consisting of a new sewage sludge treatment. Wolfgang Gesang, responsible for the electrical engineering, is impressed by the simplicity of Roxtec and the seals' ability to cover many needs:

"The Roxtec product catalogue offers comprehensive information. It simplifies product selection and gives great support at the same time."

Many cables per hole

Wolfgang Gesang managed to ensure water and gas tightness by choosing Roxtec for the 2 000 cables to be sealed. He decided to place the seals in walls, floors and ceilings all over the plant as well as under the raised floor in the switching room.

"The best thing with the Roxtec system in comparison with other methods is that we can seal so many cables in each opening. We are also able to save a lot of time by routing the cables first and sealing them afterwards," says Wolfgang Gesang.

Ready for expansion

The green efforts will continue, so Wolfgang Gesang decided to install openable Roxtec seals. The sealing modules are adaptable to cables of different sizes and have cores that can be replaced by cables. Some seals are installed without any cables at all – just to provide spare capacity.

With so many cables to seal, there is no alternative but Roxtec.
Wolfgang Gesang, electrical engineer

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Many cables in each opening
  • Significant time-savings
  • Openable for changes
  • Built-in spare capacity

Project facts

Project description

Wastewater treatment plant expansion


Stadtentwässerung Dresden GmbH


PROWA Ingenieure Dresden GmbH


Heitkamp Ingenieur and Kraftwerksbau GmbH


Schwarzkopf Elektro GmbH


Cable entry sealing in walls, floors and ceilings

Sealing requirements

Watertight, gas-tight and explosion protection