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Transits for super luxury yachts

Transits for super luxury yachts

Super yacht service provider Danyard builds and refurbishes advanced yachts in composite materials. For the 240 feet M/Y Princess Mariana, they used more than 1,000 Roxtec cable and pipe transits for various applications.

Roxtec entered the project for cables. Another brand of seals was originally specified for the piping, and deliveries had already started. However, the people at Danyard were curious about the Roxtec system and decided to try a few Roxtec transits for pipes. They were impressed – and decided to change the whole specification for pipe seals.

For steel and glass fiber

The Princess Mariana is a high-tech construction of steel, aluminum and glass fiber. By choosing Roxtec as preferred supplier, the yard received a high level of support during the build. The Roxtec team assisted in technical design issues and helped installers achieve optimum results in the mixed construction environment.

"We are impressed by the extensive documentation and above all the help Danyard received regarding the development of products for installations in glass fiber constructions", says naval architect Jørgen Nykjaer.

Added value

Roxtec transits did not only solve the routing and sealing issues with pipes and cables. They also reduced and dampened sound and vibration. The mechanical sealing solutions from Roxtec are openable, which meant a chance for the yard to design versatile and flexible pipe routing solutions with future needs in perspective.

Simple efficiency

The ability of the Roxtec system to accommodate a pipe at a later stage was utilized at several points. Roxtec RS seals were installed without pipes at the build, intended for use whenever there might be a need for new piping.

"We are very happy about the flexibility of the products and the delivery times. The cooperation with Roxtec has meant reduction of stock levels," says Børge Jørgensen at the procurement and logistics department of Danyard.

The Roxtec system is superior to other products.
Jørgen Andersen, Danyard

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Installation flexibility
  • Good technical support
  • Sound and vibration dampening
  • Solutions for electromagnetic compatibility

Project facts

Project description

Production of ultra-modern super yacht in Aalborg, Denmark



Naval architect

Espen Oeino

Interior designer

Francis Zuretti


Sealing of cable, pipe and fiber optics penetrations in mixed construction environment

Sealing requirements

Fire-proof, pressure tight and watertight


Lloyd's and MCA