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Sealing the Boston Central Artery

Sealing the Boston Central Artery

The change to Roxtec seals in the Boston Big Dig project opened up new opportunities to solve problems such as the intrusion of water.

The Roxtec mechanical sealing system is developed to seal cables or pipes in exposed areas. Besides a very good sealing capacity, the system has been engineered to simplify installation and maintenance.

Excellent flexibility

As the contractors in Boston were looking for an alternative sealing solution, they came in contact with Roxtec.

"Due to the uniqueness of each application, it was not possible to use standard products. Roxtec worked with us to design the right solution for each application. It is the most flexible system available," says Dave Beaulieu of Mass Electric.

Stopped the leakage

With the solution from Roxtec, the installers were able to set a definitive stop to the leakage problem. Multidiameter™, the Roxtec solution based on modules with removable layers, creates the flexibility of the system. It allows every seal to be adapted on site to achieve a perfect fit for every cable or pipe.

The most flexible system available.
Dave Beaulieu, Mass Electric

Why use Roxtec?

  • Easy to install in existing routing holes and ducts
  • Flexibility for cables and pipes of different sizes
  • Easy to reseal after maintenance
  • Spare capacity for additional cables
  • Local support and customized solutions

Project facts

Project description

Construction of tunnel in Boston, MA, USA


Massachusetts Turnpike Authority, City of Boston

Engineering and installation

Bechtel and Mass Electric


Water-proof sealing of cables and fiber optic cables in manholes, hand boxes and vent buildings

Sealing requirements

Water-proof and IP 68