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Safe cable seals for a cleaner city

Safe cable seals for a cleaner city

One of the huge projects for sustainable development in China is the expansion of the Bailonggang wastewater treatment plant.

Sustainable sealing solutions

The plant is expected to take care of one third of the wastewater of Shanghai and become Asia's largest wastewater treatment plant.

Roxtec to the rescue

Water was leaking into the basement. The designers then chose the Roxtec cable sealing solution – and secured the great environmental project.

Expansion capacity

Before, cables were stuck in the concrete, permanently. Now, there is no need to make new holes; Roxtec seals provide spare capacity for further expansion.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Watertight and safe sealing solutions
  • Simplified service and maintenance
  • Neat and clean cable management
  • Spare cable capacity for future expansion
  • Multidiameter™ by Roxtec – adapts to cables of different sizes

Project facts

Project description

Wastewater manufactory construction


Shanghai Municipal Construction Investment and Development Corporation

Design and engineering

Shanghai Municipal Engineering Design Institute


Shanghai Municipal Sewer Co., Ltd.


China Construction 8th Engineering Division


Cable entries in transformer house and air blower room walls

Sealing requirements

Water-proof and gas-proof