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Roxtec Core Values

Market Creators

Better to “own” a market than a factory.
We shall focus our resources on increasing the use of our solutions in the market. For this reason we manufacture the unique parts of the product in-house; the rest is placed with a few selected co-producers. This gives us the flexibility we need and lets us concentrate on developing the market.


Make each customer feel special.
Our flexible and innovative solutions respond to general as well as specific customer needs in many segments. In case of particular requirements, we have extensive experience in providing customized solutions based on our core technology. Our products, our market presence and our high level of availability ensure safety and efficiency and make each customer feel special.


Face the customer openly.
We deliver quality products and first class services. We must know our line of business better than others to be able to assist the customer with quick, straight and correct answers. We must also be able to rely on each other within the organization for backup knowledge.

Globally local

The world is our market.
We are a global company with a strong local presence. Our local and global network guarantees prompt service. Our global brand is supported by our local companies.


Fast and flexible.
It must always be simple and convenient for our customers and co-producers to work with Roxtec. That is why the pace is high in everything we do.


Save money for the customer.
The products, the way we work and the co-producers we cooperate with make it worthwhile for everybody to choose Roxtec. Our solutions for planning, logistics, installation and maintenance should always save time, add value and increase profitability for the customer.


Simplicity is our motto.
We are straightforward and uncomplicated in our relations. We are always there to assist. Simplicity helps us keep up the speed.