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Tipeberri ensures reliability by including Roxtec seals

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Electrical substation provider Tipeberri always includes Roxtec watertight cable seals in their precast concrete underground substations.

“Our customers see it as a sign of quality and reliability,” says Alberto Espiga, Managing Director of Tipeberri.

Tipeberri Envolventes Prefabricados de Hormigón, S.L.L. in Legutiano, Álava, Spain, builds and delivers precast underground substations and junction chambers for companies within medium voltage power transmission and distribution. Their customers are leading players in electrical engineering, construction and installation as well as in renewable energies and the railway sector. 

The importance of quality 

In order to secure all openings for power and earthing cables and to prevent water ingress, all substations come with Roxtec seals.    

“We decided to work with Roxtec from the very beginning as we knew the system from previous experiences. The main benefit is the high quality of the products,” says Alberto Espiga.   

Area efficient solutions

The substations have limited space due to their compact design, so Tipeberri prefers integrating cable seals that require a minimum of space. Roxtec seals meet these requirements. 

“The Roxtec sealing system enables installers to pass through many cables also in a very small area. The result we achieve is better than with any other solution,” says Alberto Espiga.

Long-term partnership

Tipeberri uses Roxtec standard solutions in 90 percent of their applications. They appreciate the possibility to respond to end-customers’ specific needs by asking Roxtec to create special seals.  

“My experience of Roxtec is very positive”, says Alberto Espiga. “That is why we have been working with Roxtec for so many years. The availability and attention of the sales representatives and the strict compliance with delivery dates prove that Roxtec is a serious company.”

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