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More than 50 000 engineers use Roxtec Transit Designer

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There are now more than 50 000 registered users of the Roxtec Transit Designer software around the globe. During 2023, thousands of engineers have designed more than 175 000 safe sealing solutions for cables and pipes in around 25 000 projects.

Roxtec Transit Designer is a free software for design engineers working with cable and pipe penetration seals. Regardless of industry, the software helps them select the right solution with the right certificate for the right application as well as to design hundreds of transits in just a few minutes. They enter cable schedule, sealing requirements and installation preferences, and the tool generates manufacturer-approved outputs for specifications, ordering and installation details.

Efficiency in design

Design engineers can, for example, import files to Roxtec Transit Designer from Excel and export files to Excel for further work, and then import them back into the design software again. This is a way to save a lot of time if there are changes in a project with hundreds of cable and pipe transits.

Additional features

The innovative cable and pipe transit manufacturer Roxtec continuously adds features to its tool. One of the new ones enables downloading of Roxtec products as BIM objects. All information and documentation can, easily and digitally, be shared with and transferred to the other digital tools in the Roxtec Software Suite. Besides Roxtec Transit Designer, the suite consists of Roxtec Transit Build for use during construction and Roxtec Transit Operate for use throughout the lifecycle.

Open for integration

As the Roxtec Transit Designer is open for third party integration, the digital tool can talk to 3D CAD software and cable routing software. The design engineers can thereby use Roxtec Transit Designer for 3D models in their own software functionality.