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Discover features and updates

Functionality added to the Roxtec Software Suite™.

The Roxtec Software Suite™ for cable and pipe transit management is regularly being extended with new features and functions. The aim is to enhance your experience and make sure you can enjoy and benefit from a seamless workflow, from design and production through to operation.

Push to build introduction

Currently, it consists of Roxtec Transit Designer™ for use during the design phase, Roxtec Transit Build™ for use during construction and Roxtec Transit Operate™ for use throughout the lifecycle. Designers can select the right seal from the start and generate an installation packing plan in line with the cable list. The installation quality is assured so that all safety requirements are met, and it is simple to maintain control of the status of each transit for years of changes and upgrades. The connection between the software is extended, and so are the areas where they share common ground.

Push design data seamlessly

Inhouse and external design engineers who are invited to work on a specific project can push transits, and related information for each seal, from Roxtec Transit Designer™ to the specific asset in Roxtec Transit Build™ or Roxtec Transit Operate™. This is useful also for design updates when builders or operators have made changes due to corrections or rerouting of cables or pipes. This transition of data from the design phase to the installation phase saves time for design engineers as well as for production managers, quality managers and process planners while simplifying for contractors, sub-contractors, and installers.


  1. Design and generate all documentation in Roxtec Transit Designer™. 
  2. Send the transit data to Roxtec Transit Build™/Roxtec Transit Operate™.
  3. Each transit is automatically populated with all relevant data, and you can manage the status of each transit and see who has done what and when in the event log. 

When a design update is made in Roxtec Transit Designer™ you can refresh Roxtec Transit Build™/Roxtec Transit Operate™ with changes and as-built information.

Take the opportunity to create a class compliant cable transit seal systems register. You only need to ID mark the transits, plot them onto a floor plan and set their status.