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Try Roxtec Transit Build™ for free

Invite your team to the test environment.

Try Roxtec Transit Build™ for free

Try the software together with your team. Once you have gone through the steps of registering your company and created an account, you will be directly guided to the test environment.

Creating a company account is always free, and so is testing the software. However, it is important that only one of you use the link below for company registration. This person becomes the administrator and can invite collaborators to make sure you cooperate in the same environment.

Once inside the test environment in Roxtec Transit Build™, just follow the link during sign-up and use the “People” section to start inviting team members to participate in your testing. They will receive an invitation via email and then follow a different sign-up procedure for personal accounts. These are also free of charge. 

Please find a how-to guide in the Document tab in your test environment or download the document here.

Do you want learn more on how it works before trying? Explore more and watch a demo.

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