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Roxtec Lubricant

Roxtec Lubricant is natural tallow that is used to lubricate the sealing modules, the Roxtec Wedge and the inside of the frame. This provides correct compression and a secure seal. Roxtec Assembly Gel is intended for Roxtec ComPlus, Roxtec ComSeal™ LW, Roxtec ComSeal™, Roxtec ComShelt™, Roxtec EzEntry™ 4 mini, Roxtec C ComShelt™ and Roxtec CRL for easy installation.

  • Two types of lubricant available depending on solution

Component articles

Name Art. No CAD files
  • CAD files
LUBRICANT 10 ML ALT0000001000
  • CAD files
LUBRICANT 25 ML ALT0000003000
  • CAD files
ASSEMBLY GEL 30 ML ALT0000004000
  • CAD files