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Save time with Roxtec sealing kits

Standardize for safety and simplicity.

Save time with Roxtec sealing kits

Have you tried Roxtec sealing kits yet? The kits include all the components you need to fill up a size 6 frame. You can simplify design and purchasing and speed up field installations.

Roxtec sealing kits help you increase efficiency. Who does not want to save engineering hours during the design phase or reduce the number of items on the bill of materials? Using kits as standard makes the entire planning, purchasing and logistics process so much easier.

Roxtec customers also confirm that the repeated use of kits have improved installation quality in the field. The installers become masters of quick, safe and secure installations.

The optimization enables savings and sustainable actions. Engineers benefit from designing with fewer items, stockmen save space and installers avoid bringing excess materials to site.   

Pre-packed and ready

Roxtec sealing kits come in a box with a handle making them easy to grab and carry. Every sealing component is pre-packed and presented in its right place. Once you open the box, you get an instant idea of a complete installation – which is a good guide for any beginner.  

The sealing kits are available in the most common configurations for standard Roxtec cable and pipe transits as well as for Roxtec BG™ B, Roxtec ES B and Roxtec Ex sealing solutions.