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Hardening critical infrastructure

DCD Talks on efficient protection.

Hardening critical infrastructure

Roxtec cable and pipe seals are the smart choice for protecting everything from subway substations to data centers. Learn more on flexibility and scalability by watching the interview with Roxtec key account manager Stevielyn Burd in the DCD Talks series published by Data Center Dynamics.

DCD Talks with Stevielyn Burd

Stevielyn Burd, who is key account manager within data center and critical infrastructure at Roxtec in North America, tells the amazing story of how Roxtec was able to help the New York City transit system reseal and harden the infrastructure after the damages caused by superstorm Sandy in 2012. Roxtec acted as cable sealing partner in the reconstruction of subways stations and substations, providing solutions for traction power, signaling, switchgear and communication applications. It worked, as Roxtec seals are openable and retrofittable, and combine protection against multiple hazards in one product.

Future-proof and scalable

Stevielyn Burd explains how easy it is to apply these experiences and solutions to other industries, such as data center projects, where there is a need for protection against fire, gas, water, EMI, and rodents.

“We learn from experience and design for the future,” she says. “We know the importance of sealing underground fiber vaults, exterior wall penetrations carrying cable trays into the system and high cable density areas with many cables and conduits. We can also build in spare capacity for future scalability.”

Sharing sealing expertise

Clearly, project owners should consider consulting Roxtec at an early stage, either if it is specification and design time for a new construction or a retrofit process concerning old infrastructure – which was often the case in New York. Roxtec has helped many customers avoid pumping out water and save time and money by preparing special solutions and providing documentation and free installation training.

“We consider ourselves as a strategic partner,” says Stevielyn Burd. “When we work with customers, we identify the pain areas and provide solutions with certificates so that they know exactly what they get.”

Innovative pre-sealing

Roxtec is a global company with a strong local presence, and all Roxtec products are available worldwide. However, the Roxtec KOS, knock-out sleeve, is new to the North American market. It is a pre-sealing solution that has been used with success for several years in Europe. Stevielyn Burd explains that this cast-in knock-out sleeve protects vaults during construction and until it is time to run cables.

“When it is time, you knock out the plate, run your cables and seal it with a Roxtec round solution.”