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  2. Secure your port against downtime

Secure your port against downtime

Webinar on sealing solutions for cable and pipe entries.

Secure your port against downtime

Do you know how to prevent fire, water ingress, pests, and rodents from damaging equipment that is crucial for your port infrastructure? We invite you to the educational Roxtec webinar “Secure your port against unscheduled downtime”. You can join us on December 14, either at 8 AM or 4 PM CET.

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This webinar with Roxtec sealing specialists active in the US and the Middle East will help you avoid downtime due to power outages or climate change effects. It will explore the considerations you should make and highlight specific solutions to help you handle the following threats to port infrastructure:

  • Water ingress leading to partial discharge and power failure
  • Fire hazards, oil leaks and transformer fires
  • Rodents entering manholes and damaging cables

Useful in many applications

You will learn how to use reliable seals in vital applications such as quay crane power substations, yard crane ERTGs (electric train gantries) and technical rooms as well as in cable draw pits and manholes.

Roxtec is the world-leader in modular-based sealing solutions for cable and pipe penetrations. Our seals provide protection against multiple risks and hold hundreds of certificates and approvals. We have an extensive experience in working as sealing expert and safety partner in large infrastructure projects.

In the webinar, you will learn more on:

Best practice

Specific hazards that can be met with modular sealing techniques.

Operational reliability

From design to operation – add value with certified sealing solutions.

Design efficiency

Efficient ways to design seals for specific needs and requirements.

Sharing knowledge with you

Meet sealing specialists Mike Behary, Transportation Segment Manager Power and Infrastructure, Mohammed Abrar, Segment Manager Infrastructure and Industry, and moderator Matilda Fridolfsson, Business Area Marketing Manager Infrastructure and Industry, of Roxtec. They will talk about common risks and hazards and present efficient cable and pipe seals for use above as well as underground.

Mike Behary

Mike Behary

Transportation Segment Manager Power and Infrastructure

Mohammed Abrar

Mohammed Abrar

Segment Manager Infrastructure and Industry

Matilda Fridolfsson

Matilda Fridolfsson

Business Area Marketing Manager Infrastructure and Industry

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