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Retrofit seals for pump stations

Retrofit seals for pump stations

The city of Kunming, China, is vulnerable to flooding and has an outdated water treatment infrastructure. To stop rainwater intrusion and power system failures in underground pump stations the municipal management company chose Roxtec seals.

As the old compounds at the cable entries had cracked, rainwater entered the pump rooms and power distribution rooms. The flood even caused fire, destroying electrical equipment and resulting in huge economic losses. Kunming Municipal Drainage Facility Management Company decided to upgrade the cable entries to meet the requirements regarding protection against water, gas and fire. Each pump station at Kunming has more than 100 power cables of different sizes entering the distribution room. 

Support online and onsite

Roxtec played an important role in the project, providing flexible, reliable and watertight B transits. They are ideal for retrofit, easy to install and do not damage cables or walls. 

“We found the accurate solution through the online tool Roxtec Transit Designer™. The drawings were clear and Roxtec’s technical engineer gave demonstrations to help us establish installation standards. After this retrofit, our pump station will not flood anymore,” says Gan Zihong, engineer of the municipal management company.

Solutions for the future

China is implementing its Sponge City Concept making frequently flooded cities greener in order to absorb more water. During the pump station project, there were continuous rains and a risk of flooding and subsequent repairs and drainage. The power distribution rooms with completed retrofit stood the instant test and remained dry and operational. 

“The performance of Roxtec is very good. It helps us save maintenance time and costs. In this project, we reserved 20 percent space for future upgrades,” says Gan Zihong.

We are willing to use Roxtec in more projects.
Gan Zihong, Kunming Municipal Drainage Facility Management Company

Why use Roxtec?

  • Multidiameter™ – adapts to cables of different sizes through removable layers 
  • Meet the needs of the Sponge City Concept
  • Roxtec has many global success stories
  • Easy to install, maintain and upgrade
  • Onsite support and aftersales service

Projects description

Projects facts

Urban pumping station retrofit in Kunming, China

Involved companies

Kunming Municipal Drainage Facility Management Company – owner, designer, installer


Cable entries through walls into high voltage and low voltage distribution rooms


Water-proof, fire-proof, anti-corrosion, cable management and anti-rodents

Roxtec products

Roxtec B transits