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Team Electric saves time by using Roxtec Transit Build™

Roxtec software enables digitalization of the process surrounding penetration seals.

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When building ships, vessels and yachts, it is crucial to have full control of the sealing and fire protection systems, especially when the time schedule is tight. Installation firm Team Electric benefits from using Roxtec software to manage all cable transits digitally.

“Roxtec Transit Build™ is a brilliant application. It helps me save a lot of time working with cable transits, at least 50 percent and sometimes even more”, says Kaupo Sobko, team leader at Team Electric.

Kaupo Sobko is responsible for cable transit installations during the construction of a cruise ship in Spain. Although the project was running out of time, he had the courage to try a new tool, Roxtec Transit Build™. The reason was that he saw possibilities to digitalize the process of installing, quality securing and registering cable transits and thereby catch up with the time schedule.

“Roxtec Transit Build™ makes it so easy to locate the right cable transit, make it ready for inspection and then share the information with inspectors,” says Kaupo Sobko.

Sharing information online

Using Roxtec Transit Build™, Kaupo Sobko can report the status of each cable transit into the software and contribute to the establishment of a digital cable transit register. All the information can be shared online with installers and inspectors. There is a requirement from authorities that during this construction work, a complete cable transit seal systems register must be set up.

Reducing the paperwork

Before discovering the digital way of working, Team Electric used printed drawings and papers to localize which cable transits to work on. Now, each cable transit has its own QR code and activity log.

“It is great to be able to use the app on the phone in the field to locate the cable transit and then just scan the QR code to get the information you need to do the work. It is also good to be able to see the complete cable transit list and the overview with status for each one on the drawings on the computer. I will absolutely use this application in many projects,” says Kaupo Sobko.

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