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New class requirements for cable transits call for action among shipyards and owners of ships and offshore units

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IACS, the International Association of Classification Societies, has released new and updated requirements regarding control and documentation of watertight cable transits. Sealing solution provider Roxtec is ready to support the industry through digital tools and inspection services.

The new IACS unified requirements apply to ships and offshore units contracted for construction on or after July 1, 2021, and affect both owners and shipyards. In order to meet the requirements, it is important to systemize control, documentation and inspection of the installation quality of the seals. It is also mandatory to establish and keep a complete cable transit seal systems register.

Providing solutions and services

”The entire industry must deal with these new regulations,” says Roger Johansson, EVP Marine & Offshore at Roxtec. “They affect us as supplier, as well as shipyards, owners and classification societies. The new safety demands will probably require new working processes for shipyards and owners. As supplier of cable sealing systems, we would like to help our customers establish efficient processes for installation and quality validation of cable transits. We do this by extending our product offering with both inspection services and digital tools.”

Roxtec announces it is ready to assist the industry in securing the quality process. Since several years, the company’s sealing specialists perform transit safety inspections onsite. Roxtec has also developed a suite of digital tools to enable a seamless workflow and an ability to set up a cable transit seal systems register. This makes it easy for owners and shipyards to make sure all transits fulfill the demands.

On September 23 and 24, Roxtec presents a webinar to explain what the new requirements mean. In the webinar, they will describe what a cable transit seal systems register is and what actions different actors need to take in order to be compliant with the new class requirements.

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