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Roxtec selected safety seal supplier by ENGIE Fabricom

Roxtec selected safety seal supplier by ENGIE Fabricom
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Roxtec transits are used to seal hundreds of openings for cables and pipes onboard Dong Energy’s Burbo Bank offshore windfarm substation. Substation builders ENGIE Fabricom uses Roxtec transits to optimize protection and ensure operational reliability.

The challenge is to keep out the sea atmosphere. With Roxtec, you have everything under control and can be 100% sure that rooms are separated also in case of fire, says Willy Martens, Area Sales Manager of ENGIE Fabricom.

Roxtec sealing solutions are used all over the substation to protect against fire, gas and water. The transits are used for high voltage power cables as well as for signal and fiber optic cables and in control cabinets. The transits are also used for a wide range of pipe penetrations – from the air-conditioning to the fire-fighting system pipes.

If you have a good product like Roxtec, you don't have to worry in the maintenance and warranty periods. I have not experienced any complaint for water getting into a system or into a substation, says Willy Martens.

Quality in evert detail

The Burbo Bank offshore substation was built in Hoboken, Belgium. It will collect power from 32 wind turbines off the coast of Liverpool and supply renewable energy for at least 25 years. It is therefore crucial to ensure operational reliability. A stop in a 32-turbine windfarm can cost hundreds of thousands of euros just in power production losses. It is also costly to pay for a helicopter and technicians, and it is a real challenge to catch the maintenance weather window. ENGIE Fabricom has even prepared for future needs and additional cable routing by installing Roxtec transits for 50 percent spare capacity.

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