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New Roxtec seal covers all needs within rolling stock

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Sealing system provider Roxtec presents a new compact seal – the Roxtec CRF transit. It is a flexible all-in-one solution that helps manufacturers within rolling stock solve several safety and production challenges within cable and plastic conduit penetrations.

Manufacturers can fill the lightweight and openable Roxtec CRF transit frame with any type of Roxtec’s purpose-made sealing modules, depending on what capabilities they want. They always get certified fire protection, tightness and vibration resistance, but they can select module type to add flexibility to varying cable or conduits sizes or to enable high-speed installation.

Sealing modules for flexibility

Roxtec CM and CM PPS modules adapt to cables and conduits of many sizes thanks to Multidiameter, the Roxtec innovation based on sealing modules with removable rubber layers. They make it easy to handle sudden design changes or the presence of a variety of dimensions.

Sealing modules for fast installation

The Roxtec CRF and CRF PPS modules have no removable layers but provide a certain cable size tolerance thanks to their unique design. The CRF versions are ideal for fast, repetitive installations in serial production settings with already known cable and conduit sizes.

Fire protection for plastic conduits

The PPS versions of the Roxtec CM and Roxtec CRF modules for plastic conduits contain in their turn intumescent material in order to comply with EN 45545-3. Upon fire, the plastic conduit melts and leaves a void in the fire wall. The intumescent material expands, fills and seals the void which prevents flames from propagating through the fire wall.

Combining cables and conduits

It is possible to mix either CM and CM PPS sealing modules or CRF and CRF PPS modules in the Roxtec CRF transit aluminum frame. Manufacturers can thereby route and seal both cables and plastic conduits in the same opening in a floor or wall.

Roxtec proposes the solution in ready-made kits with IP 66, E30 and HL3 ratings according to IEC 60529 and EN 45545.