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Unique tank boundary sealing solution from Roxtec

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When sealing around cables and pipes where traditional solutions are not certified for use, it is critical to be able to ensure verified protection against water pressure, gas, and fire. Cable and pipe transit provider Roxtec now presents the new, innovative Roxtec TB (tank boundary) seal for steel tank boundaries and other high-pressure applications.

Roxtec TB seals are tested for high pressure through a test method developed by classification society DNV and Roxtec. The tests confirm that the seals ensure tightness up to 6.6 bar for water and 1.2 bar for gas in tank installations. In steel decks or bulkheads, the numbers reach 11 bar for catastrophic water pressure and 2 bar for gas pressure. The seals are fire rated to A-60 as well as dust-tight and vibration-proof.

Easy to use and adapt

The new type approved Roxtec TB seal for tank boundary divisions and other high-pressure applications enable users to secure protection with very few items and without any special tools. The seal can be installed around an existing cable or pipe.

“The Roxtec TB seal is equipped with Multidiameter, our invention for flexibility based on removable rubber layers. The seal has two halves with removable layers making it adaptable to cables and pipes of different sizes,” says Ernes Music, Global Product Manager at Roxtec.

Innovative technical solutions

The smart fittings of the seal ensure full mechanical anchorage while the compression functionality is integrated. Full compression is proven by tightening indicators. The Roxtec TB seal is used together with the Roxtec SL TB sleeve to form a complete seal.

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