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TOWARDEX selects Roxtec seals for cables and conduits

“If you need watertight vaults, you need Roxtec,” says James Jun of TOWARDEX.

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As owner and manager of a multi-tenant utility infrastructure for Boston’s carrier hotels, mission-critical data centers and wireless telecom networks, TOWARDEX is hosting several telecommunications providers. They have installed Roxtec seals for cables and conduits to keep their underground vaults dry. Now they can manage cables without spending time on pumping out water.

“Roxtec provides phenomenal products that work as advertised and are reliable,” says James Jun of TOWARDEX in Somerville near Boston, Massachusetts, in the USA.

Roxtec seals are used in the underground vaults where multiple telecom companies are installing their fiber optic cables. As the system owner, TOWARDEX is responsible for maintaining the common infrastructure and managing the placement of fiber optic cables by various companies. This means they must be able to access vaults and manholes frequently.

Water filled the vaults

Before they started using Roxtec seals for Schedule 40 conduits, the vaults were always filling with water. The crew had to spend hours waiting for the water to be pumped out before they could get in and do their job. In addition, they had to take extra care of the water every time, since it could be contaminated. When the water finally drained out, they found cables tangled and out of their assigned places, creating a maintenance hassle.

“We needed tight seals”

TOWARDEX tried with duct plugs, but they were not watertight. They used inflatable bags as a temporary solution.

“Resisting water is not enough,” says James Jun. “In vaults where you need to manage cables owned by multiple parties and where it must be gas-tight and watertight, you need Roxtec.”

Roxtec seals perform better in keeping water and gas out than any other products TOWARDEX has used. It means time and cost savings. “Instead of crews spending hours, it turns into a five-minute job.”

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