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Fire test of Roxtec plastic pipe seals

Reinstating the integrity of a fire rated division.

Fire test of Roxtec plastic pipe seals

Once you create an opening in a fire rated division, it no longer meets the requirements of that applicable rating. One of the functions of a Roxtec fire penetration seal is to reinstate the integrity of a fire rated division and bring it back to its former status.

Watch this video from the Roxtec fire test facilities. Experience how the seal reacts to the heat of a fire and forms a protective plug to maintain the original integrity of the division when the plastic pipe goes soft, melts and disappears.

Fire test: Roxtec plastic pipe seals

Amazing performance

The performance requirement to maintain the integrity of a fire rated division when pipe passes through it, is made more challenging and demanding when using thermoplastic pipes.

The additional challenges of plastic pipe going soft when exposed to fire and leaving an opening through which a fire can pass, are overcome by Roxtec's pipe sealing solutions. Within our plastic pipe seals, there is an intumescent-based material that will exfoliate and expand to many times its original volume in the heat of a fire. It crushes the plastic pipe as it goes soft and creates a barrier through which the fire is unable to pass.

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