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Protecting critical infrastructure

Can you protect power transmission equipment against the effects of lightning strikes, sabotage and acts of terrorism? Can you ensure stable power supply to hospitals, banks and servers despite electromagnetic interferences?

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"Our society is depending on reliable electricity supply, and an outage can be very costly. But there are measures for grid owners to take in order to minimize risk," says Martin Robertsson, EMC specialist at Roxtec.

Martin Robertsson interview

One way is to seal, secure and ground all cable and pipe penetrations in walls, floors and cabinets. By using Roxtec cable and pipe transits that are specially designed for electromagnetic compatibility it is possible to ensure protection against airborne as well as cable-borne interferences and thereby significantly reduce risk of failure. Roxtec BG™ (bonding and grounding) solutions handle powerful fault and surge currents carried by armored or metal-clad cables as well as by metal pipes while the Roxtec ES (electromagnetic shielding) sealing system can be part of a completely shielded room.

Efficient shielding

Several official standards regarding electrical safety recognize cable and pipe penetrations as a vulnerable area. It is recommended to pay extra attention to this sometimes overlooked subject.

"It is a must to protect the crucial electrical zones," says Martin Robertsson. "Roxtec BG™ solutions provide the gross filter for connection to ground, and the ES solutions the fine filter since they protect against both airborne and cable-borne disturbances. But you may never forget that if you want to have a completely shielded building, you also have to secure doors, windows, ventilation and so on."

Think safety first

There are other good reasons for specifying and standardizing with Roxtec seals. They are more area efficient than traditional cable glands. They also include water and fire protection and provide built-in spare capacity.

"Roxtec seals are openable to be useful also in retrofit projects, but the best thing is to plan for our transits from the beginning," says Martin Robertsson. "It is so much more expensive to try to secure an electrical substation or an airport or rail power system afterwards, and it might also be too late..."

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