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Fire protection seals for the rolling stock industry

Perfect for metros, locomotives and electric buses.

Fire protection seals for the rolling stock industry

Do you want to secure safe transportation of people and goods and avoid the risk of damage or downtime? Use Roxtec seals as standard solution for cables, hydraulic pipes and plastic conduits.

Roxtec has a long history of solving problems in the rolling stock industry. We know what it takes to seal off around cables and pipes in fire rated barriers throughout the vehicle structure, and have developed penetration seals that fulfill the highest fire resistance requirements and cover the highest hazard levels. We understand the global presence of the rolling stock market, and we support our customers and their partners in design, manufacturing and modernization across continents and geographies.

Our range of seals for rolling stock serve the needs of any railroad vehicle or electrical bus. They withstand multiple threats such as fire, smoke, water, air-shock and vibration, and provide excellent cable retention.

Use this guide to select the right Roxtec seals that correspond to your needs when it comes to preventing fire and smoke from spreading on railroad vehicles or electric buses.

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