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Competence development

Roxtec sees it as extremely important to invest in education for the employees, both through practical and theoretical training. We have an internal global introduction program that is conducted regularly, a two-step training program for salespeople, a program for sales managers and an educational program for managers.

The trainings are very important for the development of our company culture. They give new, deeper knowledge and an opportunity for the employees to meet colleagues from all over the world.

Sustainability training

One of Roxtec’s three general sustainability goals includes increasing competence within sustainability. We have established a global internal training for key persons within management, product development, purchasing, and production.

It is important that the competencies of the employees are continuously developed in line with our business, both short and long-term. When it comes to increased learning, we work with internal as well as external training programs and continuously strive to develop the competence development work.

Educating leaders

Leadership is key for a company that wants to be successful and be able to grow. Therefore, leadership is a focus area that we continuously work with. We have further developed the Roxtec leadership programs, which create conditions for managers to act in accordance with Roxtec Core Values and our culture.