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Efficient seals for grounding of feeder cables

Minimizing the risk of downtime.

Efficient seals for grounding of feeder cables

The network has to be up and running. That is why Telia Norway secures it with Roxtec cable seals.

Three main needs make mobile network owner-operator Telia specify Roxtec BG™ B seals for all their base stations built or upgraded after 2014: 

  • Grounding to avoid costly downtime caused by the effect of lightning strikes 
  • Protection of equipment from fire and water 
  • Sealing of more cables, including cables from other operators renting space 

“We get capacity, tightness and grounding in line with requirements,” says Martin Gyllenhammar, technical responsible for civil works at Telia Norway. 

Securing the network using Roxtec BG™ B sealing solutions

Capacity for additional cables

With thousands of base stations, Telia covers Norway’s mountains, forests and coastline. Other operators rent access to their sites, so it is essential to make room for new cables and equipment. Telia also upgrades sites with new technologies themselves. 

Roxtec seals require less space than the formerly used mounting plates with shrink tubing. They also offer built-in spare capacity, which simplifies planning for future needs. Installers just open up seals to add cables, without adding holes or costs. The key to the future is many small sites with a maximized number of cables.      

Protection against environmental threats 

Roxtec seals are fire-proof and watertight to ensure continuous operation. The equipment is kept safe and dry, the indoor climate is maintained and pests are prevented from damaging fiber optics. 

“We secure our critical sites, and require that cables entering our technical rooms are efficiently bonded to earth in case of a lightning strike,” says Martin Gyllenhammar.  

Standardized solution

All contractors use the same optimized kits and the online tool Roxtec Transit Designer™. It helps Telia document all transits and provides information to share with installers. All work is done without special tools or hot work permits. And the shelters are sealed until it is time to route more cables.

Roxtec is neat and area efficient.
Martin Gyllenhammar, Telia Norway

lightning strikes per month have been registered by Telia in certain parts of Norway.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Protection against the effect of lightning strikes 
  • Bonding and grounding
  • Water- and air-tightness
  • Rodent and insect barrier
  • Space efficiency and spare capacity

Download the pdf version of the Telia, Norway case.

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Development of telecom base stations all over Norway

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Sealing and grounding of cable entries in shelters


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