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Maintaining integrity in smart I/O systems

Using smart junction boxes equipped with adaptable universal I/O systems provides efficiency and great savings. For this to work, flexible cable seals allowing a high number of cables to be routed through a limited area are required. Important features of a smart cable seal include area efficiency, adaptability to different cable diameters and more cables, ease and speed of installations and low weight.

With smart I/O technology in your control cabinets, you can save important space and benefit from great plug-and-play features and remote electronic configuration. You can rely on factory-tested and certified enclosures approved for use in harsh environments.   

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How to seal smart junction boxes

When adopting new technologies, you must face new challenges – such as proper cable sealing of multipurpose enclosures. In order to protect your smart control systems, you should always select pre-tested and certified cable seals with the same protective performance as the cabinet itself. Choose cable transits of high quality materials, such as stainless steel and high quality rubber compounds, to make sure they meet onshore as well as offshore requirements. Finally, use flexible seals for multiple cables and fiber optics of different sizes.


By standardizing with cable seals that are as smart as the junction boxes and I/O systems, you save time and space, handle high cable density and reduce the total cost of ownership. 

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