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How to simplify safe sealing of armored cables

Armored cables are widely used in harsh environments. The armor acts as a mechanical protection increasing the strength to resist external damage and thereby secure the important inner conductors. One of the most critical points of the installation is where the cable is to be terminated into instrument and electrical cabinets or enclosures. There are, however, things you can do to minimize risk all while reducing the time needed for installation.

Armored cables, including a wide variety of metal-clad, steel wire armor and braided cables, are frequently used for safety reasons in demanding industrial projects around the world. It is a well-known challenge for engineers and contractors within instrument and electrical installations to ensure that all those cables entering hundreds of control cabinets and enclosures are properly sealed. They must be electrically bonded and grounded for ensuring personal and equipment safety.

Avoiding time-consuming procedures

Installers put a lot of time and effort into cable preparations. The cutting and twisting or “pig-tailing” of the metallic armoring to ground is just one of these. Matching cable glands with cable sizes, which potentially requires extra parts, and the installation and tightening of cable glands are other examples. 

Up until now. Today, there is a modern solution available that combines multi-cable sealing with integrated bonding and grounding of armored cables in the most efficient manner. 


Excellent cable retention

One secret behind the success is its impressive cable retention capability. The cable entry seal’s retention capacity ensures that cables are firmly anchored, making the weakest link as strong as the rest of the installation. Watch our cable retention test video here.

Ultimately the cable sealing solutions are there to provide safety for people and assets. It is a fact that safe sealing and secure electrical installations contribute to keeping your site going. 

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