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Roxtec BG™ seals for HVDC projects

Efficient EMI and lightning protection grounding.

Roxtec BG™ seals for HVDC projects

State Grid Corporation of China, SGCC, uses Roxtec BG™ solutions for sealing as well as for EMI and lightning protection grounding of braided cables in their HVDC transmission projects.

Roxtec BG™ sealing solutions for HVDC projects

Long distance power transmission and distribution to millions of households and enterprises require extremely reliable products. At the Taizhou ±800 kV converter station in the Jiangsu province, Roxtec BG™ seals are used at all critical points to ensure safety and operational reliability.

Protecting against many risks

Roxtec cable seals cover a multitude of challenges. They protect against water, gas and rodents, and provide a firestop so that flames and smoke cannot spread in case of fire. They also protect control equipment against electromagnetic interferences, EMI, carried by cables as well as electromagnetic pulses, EMP. The bonding and grounding feature is strong enough to withstand the effect of a power surge caused by a lightning strike.

Good technical support

Mr Huang Xing, installation manager at SGCC HVDC Construction, is satisfied with Roxtec BG™ solutions, and so is the owner who has been onsite to check the installations.

"We needed the material urgently and got good technical support from Roxtec," says Mr Huang Xing. "They helped us onsite as well as with the design of tailor-made seals."

Ready for future needs

Roxtec seals are beneficial from the first day – and for years to come. The cable seals are openable and provide built-in spare capacity. It is very useful if there is a need for adding new cables years later or when the equipment is to be upgraded.

We want to use Roxtec BG™ in all our projects.
Mr Huang Xing, SGCC HVDC Construction.

175 million US dollars

Prior to using Roxtec, SGCC experienced how a lightning strike shut down a converter station for two days and caused a loss of income worth 175 million US dollars.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Certified protection
  • Customized solutions
  • Built-in space capacity
  • Technical support on site
  • Solutions for lightning protection
  • EMI protection

Projects facts

Project description

Construction of ±800 kV converter station in the Jiangsu province, China


State Grid Corporation of China, SGCC




SGCC Jiangsu Conversion Construction


Shanghai Jingdao Electric Ltd Company


Sealing as well as EMI and lightning protection for cable from cable duct transit into central control building, auxiliary control building and relay chamber.
Sealing and EMI and lightning protection for cable transits in the floors of the central control building and the auxiliary control building or the wall of the valve.

Sealing requirements

Fire resistant,
Rodent barrier,
Protection against EMI/EMP,
Lightning surge protection