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Seals for refurbishment of water treatment plants

Seals for refurbishment of water treatment plants

In competition with other types of sealing products Roxtec became the preferred technical solution to a number of wastewater treatment plants in Denmark.

The wastewater plants are three existing units in the Odense municipality area undergoing refurbishment, and Roxtec supplies to all of them.

A challenge for the operators is the corrosive environment and the sulfuric gases and aggressive steam. These can wear down equipment, shorten life span and add risk of system breakdown of the plant, its machines and electrical cabinets.

Efficient sealing

Roxtec products are approved for use between fire rated zones and tested for water and gas tightness applications. They seal against intrusion of polluted water, sulfuric gases and odors. Also, they protect against intrusion of rodents.

User-friendly products

The transits are easy to install and can be opened and closed repeatedly. This supports the need of the service staff for fast installation and flexibility. A requirement from Odense Water Supply is a close cooperation with the sealing system supplier. This is easy as Roxtec is present locally.

The users at the plants, with long experience from different sealing products, agreed that Roxtec seals meant a great improvement in comparison to previous solutions.

Why use Roxtec?

  • Protection against sulfuric gases, ammonia and sewage gases
  • Rodent barrier
  • Vibration damping
  • Installation flexibility
  • Easy maintenance

Projects facts

Project description

Refurbishment of Ejbymølle, Nordvest and Nordøst wastewater treatment plants, Odense, Denmark.


Sealing of cable and pipe penetrations

Sealing requirements

Fire-proof, gas-tight and watertight