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Safe cable seals for efficient expansion

Safe cable seals for efficient expansion

Roxtec cable seals play an important role for safety and profitability in the expansion of the Fujian refinery and petrochemical complex in southern China.

The project adds new facilities, including China's biggest P-xylene (PX) plant. Roxtec seals are installed in ten facilities to ensure water-tightness during heavy rains and to protect against fire, blast and the risk of explosion.

"We are very satisfied with Roxtec. And the owner is very satisfied too," says Zhao Xiao, senior instrument engineer of managing contractor SEI.

Simple and direct

SEI selected Roxtec to increase long-term protection of equipment and save money during construction. The previously used sealing compounds required extra work to meet safety regulations. In order to avoid the risk of explosion, all cables had to enter the control room from underground. But rain water and salt in the cable trenches enforced costly maintenance. And even worse: every expansion required the same digging. The certified system from Roxtec was easily installed above ground, directly in the openings of the explosion-proof walls of the control rooms. Instead of digging trenches and fearing floods, installers routed the cables straight from the cable tray.

Ready for further expansion

Cables of up to 30 different sizes are used and covered by just three sizes of Roxtec sealing modules. Each transit provides built-in spare capacity for additional cables. It is economical, since the openings are already there, properly sealed but easy to open up. This also simplifies the construction process, as installations can be made in advance. In the Fujian refinery expansion project, the owner requires 20 percent spare capacity for future needs.

Since we started with Roxtec, we have no problems.
Zhao Xiao, SEI

Why use Roxtec?

  • Sealing solutions for increased safety
  • Easy and cost-effective installation
  • Spare capacity for further expansion
  • Multidiameter™ by Roxtec – adaptability to cables of different sizes

Project facts

Project description

Expansion of refinery and petrochemical complex in Quanzhou, China


ExxonMobil, Saudi Aramco and Fujian Petrochemical Company Ltd

Design and engineering

SEI (Sinopec Engineering Inc), SSEC, SNEC




China Petroleum Engineering & Construction Corporation


Sealing of cable entries in explosion-proof control room walls

Sealing requirements

Watertight, fire-proof, explosion-proof and IP 67