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Preventing mining dust and pollution

Roxtec seals protect the electrical rooms.

Preventing mining dust and pollution

SPCC, Southern Peru Copper Corporation, is a big mining operator in Peru, Mexico and Chile. When extending the Toquepala copper ore mine on the Andes mountain range, the suppliers of electrical rooms used Roxtec cable seals. It was far better than cable glands.

SPCC had experienced problems with dust in the electrical rooms. They had realized that neither traditional cable glands nor foam were enough to protect the equipment in the harsh and dusty mining environment. The cable glands did not prevent the dust from passing through and pollute the electrical rooms, and the foam was too easily detached. 

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Easy and efficient

The electrical room suppliers, mine contractors Siemens and CSE, had previously worked with Roxtec in other projects and been very satisfied with the sealing performance. They solved the problem by installing a variety of Roxtec seals in seven new electrical rooms. 

“We used the entire Roxtec product range including openable frames and round seals. We have managed to standardize with large Roxtec seals in order to simplify the purchase of frames. We only have to focus on the adaptable sealing modules,” states SPCC. 

Savings on cleaning

Synixtor Peru, which is an authorized distributor of Roxtec, organized an installation training for the contractors, led by Roxtec Mexico. It included installation of various Roxtec seals with different types of cables, and helped secure the installation quality.  

“We do not let the dust in,” states SPCC. “We have also left sealed openings without cables for future use.” 

An immediate benefit, beside the protection and the spare capacity, is that the new electrical rooms protected by Roxtec do not need cleaning as often as the existing ones.   

Why use Roxtec? 

  • Certified protection 
  • Technical support 
  • Extensive experience
  • Flexibility for cables of different sizes 
  • Built-in spare capacity for additional cables    

Projects facts

Project description

Extension of copper ore mining operations in Tacna, Peru

Involved companies

Southern Peru Copper Corporation – owner, Siemens – contractor, CSE – contractor


Sealing of cable entries in seven electrical rooms of the mine

Sealing requirements


Roxtec products

Roxtec GH and B transits, Roxtec RS seals, among others