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New knock-out sleeve

New knock-out sleeve
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The new Roxtec knock-out sleeve for onsite construction projects and pre-fabricated kiosks and shelters keeps the features of the existing sleeve and adds new innovative ones. The sleeves are now available and adaptable to varying wall thicknesses and can easily be connected into space efficient clusters.

The Roxtec knock-out sleeve forms an efficient water barrier and is frequently used to seal openings until it is time for cable and pipe routing. Builders can protect sites and equipment against flooding and humidity, and plan their ducted openings in a better way. They can block any spare ducts, and only need to buy seals for openings that accommodate cables. 

“The sleeve is a space efficient one-piece solution for reducing the footprint and making sure the building is dry both during and after construction. Thanks to its knock-out plate, it provides spare capacity for cost-efficient expansion with new cables and pipes,” says Gavin Cornall, market manager and specialist in the construction and power segments at Roxtec. 

Space efficient positioning  

Roxtec knock-out sleeves simplify design and specification work for new buildings and pre-fabricated kiosks. They can be used inside or outside walls, vaults and foundations and are easy to connect to each other into a space saving cluster of openings. The sleeves have practical snap-off connectors and are fixed to the structure by nails, screws, glue or magnets prior to casting, and then knocked out when needed. This method does not require any special tools and ensures consistent results in terms of position and formation of holes.  

Adaptable to thinner walls

The new Roxtec knock-out sleeve is available in different sizes to fit wall thicknesses of 100mm respectively 150mm. For thinner walls it is possible to adapt the sleeves by cutting them. The 100mm sleeve can be cut down to 90mm and the 150mm sleeve to 120mm. For walls thicker than 150mm, a standard cable protection pipe can be connected to the sleeve. 

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New knock-out sleeve

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