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New firestop for cables, cable bundles and busbar

New firestop for cables, cable bundles and busbar
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Roxtec introduces the GK Firestop sealing kit to simplify fire protection on rigs, platforms, ships and vessels. It is perfect when there is a need for sealing of dozens of cables in the same opening.

“Shipyards all over the world have asked for firestops that can help them seal cables and entire cable bundles in deck and bulkhead entries above the waterline. We can now meet this huge demand and solve the problem with high cable density with a certified product that is quick and easy to use,” says Roger Johansson, Executive Vice President and Business Area Manager Marine & Offshore at Roxtec.

The GK Firestop sealing kit consists of lightweight and halogen-free fire prevention materials, such as sealing strips and a cold smoke resistant fiberglass bag with integrated intumescent material. The intumescent material expands to close the void in case of fire or a rise in temperature to over 150°C. 

Saving time and space  

The sealing kit has an A-class marine fire rating and is both RoHs and REACH compliant. It is certified for use with any type of bolted or welded sleeve and any marine grade fire sealant. It meets the A-0 fire rating requirement without any need for additional insulation. 

“The GK Firestop sealing kit is much better than compounds,” says Roger Johansson. “It is openable to allow for additional cables and it simplifies retrofit projects.”

The solution is extremely area efficient and cost-efficient thanks to its impressive fill ratio. Shipyards will be able to save a lot of time when they can ensure safety without separating any bundled cables.  

GK Firestop sealing kit

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