Roxtec sealing solutions for e-mobility

Smart protection of people and goods.

Roxtec sealing solutions for e-mobility

Do you want to secure safe e-bus transportation and avoid the risk of damage or downtime? Use Roxtec innovative seals as your standard solution for all cables, metal pipes and plastic conduits.

Roxtec is an experienced sealing partner in the rolling stock and mobility industries. We know what it takes to seal off around cables and pipes in smoke and fire rated barriers throughout the vehicle structure, and we have developed penetration seals that fulfill the highest fire resistance requirements and cover the highest hazard levels. We understand the global e-vehicle market, and we have the ability to support you and your industry partners in design, manufacturing and modernization of any thermic, hybrid, electric or hydrogen buses – across continents and geographies.

Tested and approved solutions

EN 45545-2

Requirements for fire behavior of materials and components.
Compliance with the standard, level HL2, HL3 – R22/R23

EN 45545-3

Fire resistance requirements for fire barriers E15, E30, E60

EN 15085

Welding of railway vehicles and components CL 2/CP C3/CT3

IEC 61373

Shock and vibration tests – category 1 and 2

IEC 60529

Level of IP protection IP54, IP55, IP66, IP67, IP69K

ISO 12944

Corrosion protection of steel structures, minimum C3 Medium for painted frames. Higher requirement levels can be met by using acid-proof transit frame materials.

EN 60695-11-10

Flammability classification V-0

EN 50125

Environmental conditions for equipment

Increase safety and efficiency

Roxtec seals for cables and pipes are ideal for all types of e-buses and other electrified vehicles. The seals are quick and easy to install, and cover many applications.

For all parts of your e-bus

For all parts of your e-bus

You can use Roxtec sealing solutions for cable, pipe and conduit penetrations in partition walls, fuse boxes, and systems for safety, comfort, communication, luggage, charging, motors and inverters.

Standardize and customize

Standardize and customize

You can standardize with Roxtec multi-cable and pipe entry seals to extend the lifecycle of your e-vehicles. We can also create tailor-made transits according to specific needs and requirements.

Optimize and simplify

Optimize and simplify

Thanks to the flexible fire protection system, you can seal dozens of pre-terminated cables, conduits or pipes in one opening and still have built-in spare capacity for additional cables and pipes of different sizes.

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