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So easy to get started

Up and running within the hour.

So easy to get started

It is very simple to implement Roxtec Transit Operate™. It is a web-based system, so there is no need for downloading any files or making any installations on your computer or servers. There is no need for any IT support to get started.

Creating an account is always free, and so is testing the tool. You can evaluate it with your team in the test and training environment before deciding if you wish to upgrade to paid subscription. Whenever you are ready, you can upgrade inside the software, get access to its full functionality and start working on a real project. Everything runs securely online after you have created your account and set your password.

Just follow these 4 steps:

1. Appoint your company administrator

This person creates your company account with Roxtec. This gives free access to one test asset in the system to be used for training and evaluation purposes.

2. Invite collaborators

The administrator invites all collaborators for the test asset via email from within the system. The collaborators create personal accounts to get access to the test environment and participate in training or system evaluation. Collaborators in the field can install the Android app and use it to create their accounts. You use your account both when using the web application on your computer and when using the mobile app. The mobile app has full offline capability and is optimized for efficient synchronization.

3. Create your first asset

Whenever you are ready to move on to paid subscription within the software, you can upgrade and start working on a real project. The administrator then clicks the “Add asset” button and gives it a name before inviting collaborators and giving them their correct access levels.

4. Control the quality

The team in the field synchronizes devices whenever there is network access, and the administrator can follow the quality status, both overall on the dashboard and in detail per transit. It is possible to group transits and give them separate “tags” like a work order number. Collaborators can easily use the filtering feature in their app to find the right transits and perform maintenance on them as specified.

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