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New software simplifies compliance with class regulations

Roxtec Transit Operate™ enables long-term safety control of cable transits.

New software simplifies compliance with class regulations

New class requirements state that it is mandatory for owners and operators of ships and offshore units to maintain and update a complete cable transit seal systems register. Mats Åhman, Head of Digital Solutions at Roxtec, is pleased to announce that the new digital tool Roxtec Transit Operate™ can help you address these new demands.

The new requirements from IACS, the International Association of Classification Societies, focus on systemized control, documentation and inspection of watertight cable transits. In short, the requirements state that the shipbuilder should establish a cable transit seal systems register and that owners and operators shall maintain and update the register and ensure it is complete, correct and available for surveyors. At periodic surveys, owners and operators shall be able to confirm that all watertight cable transits are installed in accordance with manufacturer requirements and type approval requirements.

Managing transits online

“You can use Roxtec Transit Operate™ to establish a digital cable transit seal systems register and secure quality assurance throughout the lifecycle of your assets. Roxtec Transit Operate™ enables you to meet safety demands while reducing reporting and paperwork,” says Mats Åhman.

It is a tool that is tailor-made for you who are owner, operator or responsible for long-term safety, value and sustainability of fleets and units. It helps you manage all cable transits online, and safety officers and operational managers can it use to share current documented status with classification society representatives. You can keep track of the cable transits, from initial installations to recent upgrades with new cables, and save time by always having access to the updated status of each transit and all related documents, such as drawings and certificates.

Take control of existing assets

Roxtec Transit Operate™ works seamlessly with the other tools in the Roxtec Software Suite™. If the design team is using Roxtec Transit Designer™ or the construction team is using Roxtec Transit Build™, it is easy for the shipyard to set up the complete register, apply ID tags to all seals and hand it over to you as a part of the delivery. If not, you can let your own quality assurance team or Roxtec transit safety inspectors, who perform onsite verification all over the world, do it using Roxtec Transit Operate™.

The requirements from IACS apply to ships and offshore units contracted for construction on or after July 1, 2021. Mats Åhman, however, recommends all owners and operators to start using digital tools also for existing assets:
“It is a way of streamlining and securing the workflow. You can ensure total control and extend the lifetime of your asset.”

”Cable transits are important for ensuring protection”, he continues. “However, these safety products do not fit into standard periodic maintenance procedures since they are frequently affected by changes and upgrades. Therefore, it is crucial to secure the installation quality, not only during the construction process but also during the operational phase. In order to simplify for owners and operators to make sure all cable transits fulfill the requirements, we have added Roxtec Transit Operate™ to our offering,” Mats Åhman concludes.