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Use our tools to speed up and verify installation work.

Simplify every step

Explore our practical tools that enable quick and safe onsite installations and reinstallations of Roxtec frames, sealing modules and compression units. We provide a variety of tools that help you keep components in place during installation and pre-compression tools that you can use to make more room for modules and wedges. They are useful for experienced installers as well as for beginners.

Watch our most popular tools and learn how they work below or go directly to "Accessories" to find article numbers and purchase details.


Roxtec holder tools

Roxtec holder tools help you keep loose elements in place during installation.

The module holder

The module holder tool can hold stayplates in place, keep cables away and efficiently serve as an extra hand if you need to take a break.

Module holder tool

The stayplate clip

The stayplate clip holds the top stayplate to keep it out of the way until it is time to put it in position on top of the last row of modules.

Stayplate clip

The stayplate clamp

A pair of stayplate clamps hold stayplates in place during horizontal installations and prevent modules from falling through the transit.

Stayplate clamp

Roxtec pre-compression tools

Roxtec pre-compression tools simplify installation.

The handgrip pre-comp

The handgrip pre-compression tool enables you to compress modules evenly while keeping them in place. This makes room for the Roxtec compression unit.

The handgrip pre-comp

The pre-compression wedge

The pre-compression wedge expands to twice its height when the bolt is tightened. All modules stay compressed for a while, making room for the Roxtec compression unit.

Pre-compression wedge

The pre-compression tool, small and large

The pre-compression tool comes in a small and a large version. Use it to compress modules and stayplates to make room for the next row and the Roxtec compression unit.

Pre-compression tool, small and large

The pre-compression eccentric tool

The pre-compression eccentric tool has a 3/8" square drive to fit most types of socket wrenches. When turned, it compresses modules and makes room for components.

Pre-compression eccentric tool

Roxtec compression unit tools

Roxtec compression unit tools are made for use when handling Roxtec compression wedges.

The tightening tool

The tightening tool transforms two bolts in the compression wedge into one.

Tightening tool

The wedge puller

The wedge puller makes it easy to remove the compression wedge from the transit and simplifies retrofit work where space is limited.

Wedge puller

Roxtec welding tools

Roxtec welding tools are designed to protect the frame during welding.

Roxtec welding fixtures

Roxtec welding fixtures keep the transit frame in correct shape during welding and do not allow the heat from the weld to disform the frame.

Roxtec welding fixtures

Roxtec RG M63 tools

Roxtec RG M63 tools simplify the use of Roxtec RG M63 seals.

Roxtec RG M63 box wrenches

The Roxtec RG M63 box wrenches enable a quick and safe installation.


Adapter tool

Adapter tool to any standard torque-handle using 3/8" square bits.

10.RG M63 tools 1.jpg

Other tools

Roxtec EC test stick

The Roxtec electrical continuity test stick makes it easy to check the electrical performance of cable transit installations with Roxtec BG™ or ES modules. It is attached to the cable shield or armor during installation to provide a resistance measuring point outside the sealing module.

Electrical continuity test stick tool

Module adaption indicator

This measuring tool for easier selection of sealing module indicates how many rubber layers to peel off to achieve perfect adaption. It also simplifies inspection.

08.Module Adaption Indicator copy.jpg