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Reliable cable and pipe seals for advanced facilities

Protecting against multiple risks.

Reliable cable and pipe seals for advanced facilities

You can use Roxtec seals to protect labs, hospital isolation rooms, cleanrooms and contained bio-safety facilities. With Roxtec certified safety solutions, you can maintain fire protection requirements, avoid contamination, and prevent fumigants and pathogens from escaping the contained space.

Roxtec seals are frequently used to ensure safe operations throughout the lifecycle of pressurized and contamination-controlled areas. These penetration seals are more than a firestop. They are watertight, airtight, and resistant to gas pressure and fumigation – and they cover extensive requirements as well as a multitude of application areas. In addition, the seals are available in versions for hazardous locations and bonding and grounding applications. That is why designers, construction companies and operators all over the world specify and standardize with the Roxtec sealing system for cable, pipe and duct penetrations. They use it in a wide range of facilities – such as hospital buildings, research labs (BSL), containment rooms, pharmaceutics, food industries, microelectronics, and semiconductor plants. It is, for example, applicable in containment rooms adhering to the Canadian Biosafety Standard.

User-friendly sealing solutions

Roxtec adaptable sealing modules are inserted around cables or pipes of different sizes in frames that are cast, welded or bolted to the structure. The frames are available for any type of structure and in different materials, such as powder-coated or stainless steel with a clean surface finish. Then the system is sealed with a compression unit, which can be separate or integrated in the frame. There are Roxtec sealing solutions for walls, floors, ceilings, cabinets – and even special solutions for underground use.
The seals are easy to design and quick to install, and their flexibility brings additional advantages over time. One example is the possibility to open the seals to benefit from their built-in spare capacity for additional cables and pipes. This is excellent if there are late design changes. Whenever you need to perform retrofit work or upgrades, you can install the seals around already existing cables and pipes.

Set new quality standards

Roxtec cable and pipe transits are tested to ensure performance during a lifetime of exposure to environmental threats and fumigants such as formaldehyde, VHP (hydrogen peroxide) and chlorine dioxide. World-leading research institutes use Roxtec seals when developing cleanrooms and containment rooms for sensitive operations treating infectious viruses, which require extremely high quality in tightness. Roxtec has also created seals that have set new standards for professional sealing of BSL-4 laboratories. Complete documentation of tests and certificates are always supplied with the seals.

Maintain the right pressure

It is recommended to use Roxtec seals as a standard solution, both above and underground, to guarantee tightness around entering cables, ducts and pipes. This enables a uniform construction quality and familiar penetrations that are easy to inspect and maintain. Securing tightness is a smart method to control the airflow, maintain proper pressure, and manage risk. Being involved in safety work, you know how crucial it is to prevent substances and chemical vapors from escaping containment rooms and make sure such particles never reach the outside environment. The method of whole room fumigation uses a noxious substance in vapor or gaseous form to remove microorganisms and pests. The room is kept at negative pressure relative to other neighboring areas to avoid fumigants escaping. You can remain calm since fumigation chemicals do not affect the airtightness of the Roxtec Roxylon™ rubber compound.

Manage high cable density

You can also specify Roxtec seals as a standard cable entry solution for equipment, cabinets, junction boxes and enclosures. The seals ensure long-term performance while helping you handle high cable density areas. The seals consist of very few components, and they require less work and a smaller footprint than traditional cable glands since you can seal dozens of cables in the same opening. The seals can be used with power and control cables, process pipes and in installations for ventilation.

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