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Minimizing our environmental impact

Working in line with UN goals.

Minimizing our environmental impact

By providing our safety solutions, we help customers all over the world prevent fire, flooding and fatal failures. We also strive to improve our own operations by reducing our waste and our CO2 emissions.

Acting responsibly

In this important work, we are focusing on United Nations’ sustainability development goals number 12 and 13, aiming at “Responsible consumption and production” and “Climate action”.

Initiatives for a circular economy

Our sustainability work concerns both product development and material recycling. Several initiatives aim to bring forward products with less or lighter materials and that are adapted to specific requirements. With our new tools, we can soon trace the CO2 footprint directly in the 3D CAD files.

We still have many steps to take. We will become even better when it comes to taking care of our waste and reducing our CO2 footprint. And we will continue to support environmental projects.    
Magnus Holmberg, CEO, Roxtec

Recycling of materials

The Roxtec production continues to optimize processes to reduce the occurrence of rubber waste. We have for example conducted projects aiming to reduce rubber grinding dust waste with good results. We also separate different kinds of rubber waste to further reduce the share that ends up as landfill.



Our objective is to reduce rubber waste ending up as landfill by 30 percent from the project start (baseline 0) in 2019 to 2025. In 2021, we were ahead of schedule. 

Responsible producer in a circular economy

We strive to create sustainable supply chains, operations, and products for a circular economy. This means activities within resource economizing and streamlining of the use of energy, water and raw materials. We work with suppliers who participate in making our value chain sustainable in the long run.


Reduction of CO2 emissions

By selecting marine fuels produced from reused cooking oils and forest residues for ocean freights, we enable a 90-percent reduction of CO2 emissions compared to conventional fossil fuels. During 2022 this contributed to reducing our climate impact with 81 ton CO2e. We plan our stock keeping to optimize logistics and use new technology such as online meeting platforms to reduce travel.

Third party ratings

We are proud to announce that we increased our score from 65 to 67 points during 2023 and strengthened our silver rating.

Since our first submission in 2021, we have made continuous improvements and are year over year improving our rating.

EcoVadis is a globally recognized assessment platform that rates businesses’ sustainability based on four key categories: environmental impact, labor and human rights standards, ethics, and procurement practices.

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