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Improve your floor installation skills

Improve your floor installation skills
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Training, tricks and tools. These three simple things help you save time and increase quality when you are installing cable and pipe entry seals horizontally.

Mike Sosbe, capital projects manager at Roxtec, is a floor installation expert. He has conducted countless training classes educating hundreds of professionals on proper installation techniques.

Installation training

He is happy to share his best tips:
"First of all, it is a challenge to perform a floor installation, regardless of sealing system. Gravity adds an additional degree of difficulty that without training, tools and support one can find oneself frustrated. I recommend a complimentary installation training onsite. Roxtec is not difficult, just different. Give me one hour to explain and you will save time and avoid frustration."

We offer onsite installation advice and training all over the world to help you ensure quick and high quality assembly work.

Tips and tricks

When installing horizontally, Mike Sosbe does not enter single sealing modules in the frame, but entire rows of module halves. He lubricates and adapts them to the cables and pipes concerned by peeling off layers. He places the entire half row in the frame. Then he routes the cables or pipes through the transit and places the corresponding row of halves on top.

"This is a safe method to prevent components from falling out," says Mike Sosbe. "I always reuse the empty box of modules to gather the modules in the right order after preparing them for installation. It speeds up the process as all the modules are ready in the box."

Another tip is to use cable straps. If you pull all cables through the opening and secure the cables prior to module installation, it is easier to proceed.


Mike Sosbe recommends three Roxtec tools for a successful floor installation.

  • The horizontal stayplate clamps hold the stayplates in place during installation.
  • The pre-compression eccentric tool, small, in aluminum, or the pre-compression tool, small or large, in steel, makes it easy to pre-compress the modules to make room for the next row.
  • Finally, the pre-compression wedge 120 is very useful when it comes to making room for the Roxtec Wedge, especially in areas where there is not enough space to mobilize any arm strength.